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The Bronx Rising Initiative present MHHC Foundation with $100,000

On March 13th, the Founder of Bronx Rising Initiative, Mr. Tomas Ramos, met with staff members of Morris Heights Health Center (MHHC) to present $100,000 to the MHHC Foundation. These funds will go towards the efforts to combat the COVID-19 virus, commonly known as the Corona Virus. Mr. Tomas Ramos stated:

"At the time when we are faced with a crisis of this magnitude, it is clear that our community needs help. Local clinics and hospitals are not equipped to address this pandemic. This is the reason why I started BRI [the Bronx Rising Initiative], it is a call to action that leads to a tangible outcome. This is only the beginning; I am working to secure more financial resources for other hospitals and clinics in the coming weeks."

Morris Heights Health Center is known to be "the caring place", where the patient is put at the center of everything they do. Being a vanguard for quality, affordable and accessible health care for all, and serving over 50,000 patients annually, the funds provided by Tomas Ramos, will help the Foundation ensure that Morris Heights Health Center has the resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.