About Us

The MHHC Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Morris Heights Health Center. The MHHC Foundation was conceived to support the ongoing mission of the health center and has evolved, allowing the organization to create, collaborate, and fund innovative initiatives designed to foster good health, equality, and socioeconomic growth for residents in our community. In our extended capacity, we continue to identify new and strategic ways to invest in meaningful, results-driven activities with high yield potential—broadening our impact and maximizing our effectiveness.

Located in America’s poorest congressional district in the southwest Bronx, the members of our community face persistent problems that permeate every aspect of their day-to-day existence. Yet too often, in the shadows of America’s most affluent city, their cries go unheard and their plight remains unseen. For over 30 years, the MHHC Foundation has been dedicated to combating systemic social inequality for so many of our citizens in danger of falling through the cracks.

Since 1997, the Foundation has mobilized over $50 million to aid in the fight against poverty and inequality, enhance the programs of MHHC, and support the 57,000+ patients who call the multi-site health system their medical home in the Bronx. However, the true health of a community cannot be measured by doctor’s visits alone. At the Foundation, we understand that in life, health without opportunity is not well-being, and well-being without education is not wellness. In 2013, this realization precipitated the establishment of a need-based scholarship program to provide financial support to low-income, college-bound students from the Bronx-empowering our youth to seek diverse, postsecondary academic opportunities. To date, the MHHC Foundation has awarded 73 scholarships totaling $326,000 to Bronx students.

From healthcare to education to youth development, the MHHC Foundation is uniquely positioned to impact the lives of those in our community who have the greatest need, and the least support.

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