Fighting Poverty & Social Inequality for Over 30 Years

The members of our community face persistent problems that permeate every aspect of their day-to-day existence. Yet too often, in the shadows of America’s most affluent city, their cries go unheard and their plight remains unseen. That is why for over 30 years, the MHHC Foundation has been dedicated to combating systemic social inequality for so many of our citizens in danger of falling through the cracks.

The true health of a community cannot be measured by doctor’s visits alone. At MHHC, we understand intuitively that in life, health without opportunity is not well-being, and well-being without education is not wellness. Help us as we strive to deepen civic responsibility. Help us bridge societal divides through creative collaboration and technical innovation. But most important, help the MHHC Foundation continue to make an impact.